Wako SF: Oh-My-God Sushi


CJ and I love sushi. Really, really love it. In Seattle, we frequent everything from kaiten to Kashiba Sushi (the other Shiro’s).  So on our whirlwind eating tour of San Francisco, our friends, Pam (foodiecow) and Brian, introduced us to one of their favorite local sushi joints: Wako.

We had been eagerly anticipating this sushi adventure for months, solely based on the descriptions from our friends. However, it was when we walked through the door and the chef and staff greeted them like old pals that we knew we would really be in for a treat!

Wako Menu

Take a look at this menu!

After careful deliberation…

We ordered everything!

Feast your eyes!

Is your mouth watering yet? It should be. Every bite included the most perfect rice and fish that melted in my mouth like butter.

The sake went down almost as smoothly as the sushi.

While Pam learned that I do not taste like Sushi, the boys were having flavor revelations of their own.

Notice how the couple to their right were carefully not looking in our direction? Could we have been enjoying the food and sake too much?


Please, chef, may we have another?

After we tasted everything on the menu once, we wanted to have some repeats of our favorites. But how to choose which ones…?

Thankfully, Ms FoodieCow has a system! On the back of the menu, she wrote down every piece of sushi as it was brought out. After we all thoroughly enjoyed each piece, she asked us for a rating.

Pam has a very deliberate rating system that ranges from stars, to smileys, to hearts. Only the sushi worthy of a heart, or the elusive double heart, was worthy of an encore.

To give you an idea of the stellar quality of the sushi, we had about six repeats from the Wako menu! Wako was literally the best sushi experience of my life (so far). It’s definitely a must-try.


(As a note of interest, CJ and I spent the whole weekend trying to convince Pam that she should be a food blogger. I’d read a foodiecow blog and drool over the food porn. Wouldn’t you?)

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