Small Victories!

This has been a big month for Good Morning Seattle! My readership is the highest it’s ever been and I’m over the moon about it. By the way, the month isn’t even over!

Since I am a game producer by day/stealth blogger by night, I couldn’t stop myself from digging into the metrics of some of my most popular posts. Some of the results surprised me! So here you go, guys. Good Morning Seattle’s top five posts EVER!

  1. I’m Not Sorry
  2. Heidelberg Closed, Anchors Away
  3. Meg’s Lindy Shoe Review
  4. Lucky Brand Customer Service Fail
  5. MySpace, Indeed

I’m the most surprised about the popularity of the posts about Heidelberg and the Lindy Shoe review as they are a little bit niche.

Anyway, I hope y’all enjoy the stroll down memory lane.  Thanks for the support!

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